Design Project 5: Mid-fi Prototyping

Studio: 4/29 (Mon)
Prototype/Git Link: 11:59pm on 4/30 (Tue)
5% toward your total grade

What do we do?

Here's useful information for your DP5 and onward, especially regarding technical implementation of your prototype. We covered most of these points in class.
  • Everyone in your team should make UI-level contributions.
  • No dedicated server / DB / backend coder in the team.
  • Scope: web-based GUI for desktop / mobile.
  • No server, no native app, no custom database. Firebase is allowed.
  • If you absolutely need custom server-side, talk to us.
  • Git is a requirement: GitHub, BitBucket, etc.
  • Code won’t be graded directly, but we will look for equal contributions.
  • Peer evaluation at the end of semester on DP.

Hosting your prototype on the web

Your prototype should be hosted on some web server, and should be accessible by a URL you provide. Here are some options for uploading your prototype on the web:

Your Report

No report is necessary for this milestone.


As long as your team meets with the TA and provides a valid prototype and Git repository URL by 4/30, your team will get full credit for DP5. This milestone is meant to be a simple checkpoint.


TA meeting: During studio time, your team will meet with your TA for 10 minutes, and talk about the implementation plan.

Mid-fi prototype: Submit the URL of your team's prototype and a Git repository using this form by 11:59pm on 4/30. Note that we're not expecting a functional prototype with a complete codebase. As long as you show whatever working instance of your current progress, it is okay.