Four papers accepted to IUI 2024

Four papers from KIXLAB have been accepted to IUI 2024.

Understanding Users’ Dissatisfaction with ChatGPT Responses: Types, Resolving Tactics, and the Effect of Knowledge Level Yoonsu Kim, Jueon Lee, Seoyoung Kim, Jaehyuk Park, Juho Kim

ExpressEdit: Video Editing with Natural Language and Sketching Bekzat Tilekbay, Saelyne Yang, Michal A Lewkowicz, Alex Suryapranata, Juho Kim

DataDive: Supporting Readers’ Contextualization of Statistical Statements with Data Exploration Hyunwoo Kim, Khanh Duy Le, Gionnieve Lim, Dae Hyun Kim, Yoo Jin Hong, Juho Kim

DynamicLabels: Supporting Informed Construction of Machine Learning Label Sets with Crowd Feedback Jeongeon Park, Eun-Young Ko, Yeon Su Park, Jinyeong Yim, Juho Kim