Members of KIXLAB and collaborators will present two full papers and participate in two workshops at CSCW 2019. Three of us will be there.

Check out our publications page for paper PDFs, videos, and other resources.

Full Papers

Design for Collaborative Information-Seeking: Understanding User Challenges and Deploying ComeTogether Using Collaborative Dynamic Queries
Sungsoo (Ray) Hong, Minhyang (Mia) Suh, Tae Soo Kim, Irina Smoke, Sang-Wha Sien, Janet Ng, Mark Zachry, Juho Kim.
11am on Tue @ Salon E

Efficient Elicitation Approaches to Estimate Collective Crowd Answers
John Joon Young Chung, Jean Y. Song, Sindhu Kutty, Sungsoo (Ray) Hong, Juho Kim, Walter S. Lasecki. Honorable Mention.
11am on Mon @ Meeting Room 410


Seoyoung Kim will participate in the Workshop on Learning from Team and Group Diversity with her position paper titled “You are How You Behave in Your Group: Predicting Personality via Behaviors in a Co-located Group” by Seoyoung Kim, Arti Thakur, and Juho Kim.

Jibon Naher will participate in the Workshop on Contestability In Algorithmic Decision Making with her position paper titled “Improving Users’ Algorithmic Understandability and Trust in Content Moderation” by Jibon Naher, Taehyeon An, Nitesh Goyal, and Juho Kim.


Prof. Juho Kim will be presenting and discussing changes to CSCW 2020 at the townhall, as a papers co-chair for CSCW 2020.