Four papers accepted to CHI 2023 Workshop

Our paper “Towards an Experience-Centric Paradigm of Online Harassment: Responding to Calling out and Networked Harassment” led by Haesoo, and “Look Upon Thyself: Understanding the Effect of Self-Reflection on Toxic Behavior in Online Gaming” led by Juhoon is accepted to CHI 2023 Workshop on Combating Toxicity, Harassment, and Abuse in Online Social Spaces.

Also, the paper “LMCanvas: Object-Oriented Interaction to Personalize Large Language Model-Powered Writing Environments” led by Taesoo, and “Moderating Customer Inquiries and Responses to Alleviate Stress and Reduce Emotional Dissonance of Customer Service Representatives” led by Hyung-Kwon is accepted to CHI 2023 Workshop on Generative AI and HCI.