Six CHI 2022 papers conditionally accepted

Six KIXLAB papers have been conditionally accepted with minor revision and two papers received revise & resubmit at CHI 2022. Here are the papers conditionally accepted with minor revision, with domains spanning online education, web design, video-based learning, programming, webtoon, and accessibility. Many of them introduce novel interactive systems powered by human-AI interaction, NLP, CV, & learnersourcing techniques.

Promptiverse: Scalable Generation of Scaffolding Prompts through Human-AI Hybrid Knowledge Graph Annotation Yoonjoo Lee, John Joon Young Chung, Tae Soo Kim, Jean Y Song, Juho Kim

Stylette: Styling the Web with Natural Language Tae Soo Kim, DaEun Choi, Yoonseo Choi, Juho Kim

FitVid: Responsive and Flexible Video Content Adaptation Jeongyeon Kim, Yubin Choi, Minsuk Kahng, Juho Kim

“Mobile-Friendly Content Design for MOOCs: Challenges, Requirements, and Design Opportunities” Jeongyeon Kim, Yubin Choi, Meng Xia, Juho Kim

AlgoSolve: Supporting Subgoal Learning in Algorithmic Problem-Solving with Learnersourced Microtasks Kabdo Choi, Hyungyu Shin, Meng Xia, Juho Kim

Cocomix: Utilizing Comments to Improve Non-Visual Webtoon Accessibility Mina Huh, YunJung Lee, Dasom Choi, Haesoo Kim, Uran Oh, Juho Kim