KIXLAB at CHI 2019

Members of KIXLAB and collaborators will present one full paper and two late-breaking-work posters at CHI 2019. Nine members of KIXLAB will be attending CHI.

Check out our publications page for paper PDFs, videos, and other resources.

Full Papers

How to Design Voice Based Navigation for How-To Videos
Minsuk Chang, Ahn Truong, Oliver Wang, Maneesh Agrawala, Juho Kim.
Monday 11am @ Boisdale 2: Interacting with Videos
“How might we help people engaged with physical tasks to use voice to navigate how-to videos? What do people naturally do to voice control their video? How can we better design voice+video interfaces?”


Crowdsourcing Perspectives on Public Policy from Stakeholders
Hyunwoo Kim, Eun-young Ko, Donghoon Han, Sung-chul Lee, Simon Perrault, Jihee Kim, Juho Kim.
LBW1220. Tuesday 10:20-11:00 & 15:20-16:00 @ Hall 4
“What if we citizensource diverse perspectives on public policy, by specifically capturing views from related stakeholder groups?”

SolveDeep: A System for Supporting Subgoal Learning in Online Math Problem Solving
Hyoungwook Jin, Minsuk Chang, Juho Kim.
LBW1112. Tuesday 10:20-11:00 & 15:20-16:00 @ Hall 4
“What if we learnersource diverse problem solving approaches and use the collective solution structure to give interactive feedback to future learners?”


Minsuk Chang will participate in the Workshop on Computational Modeling in Human-Computer Interaction with his position paper titled “User-Centered Graphical Models of Interaction” by Minsuk Chang and Juho Kim.

Eun-Young Ko will participate in the Workshop on HCI for Accurate, Impartial and Transparent Journalism: Challenges and Solutions with her position paper titled “Readersourcing an Accurate and Comprehensive Understanding of Health-related Information Represented by Media” by Eun-Young Ko, Ching Liu, Hyuntak Cha, and Juho Kim.


HCI@KAIST is KAIST’s campus-wide HCI research community with ~20 labs across 5 departments. HCI@KAIST presents 14 full papers at CHI 2019. As a proud member of HCI@KAIST, we’re co-hosting KAIST Night on May 7th.