KAIST Fall 2018

CS492C: Introduction to Research

Many (undergraduate) students at KAIST consider having a research career. Although there are research opportunities such as URP or lab internships, it is still difficult to assess whether research is right for oneself with such short research experience. Moreover, mentoring and guidelines for research beginners are not always available. This course is designed for students who want to understand which activities and tasks are involved in research and what characteristics and attitude are required to be great researchers. This course will provide students with a taste of various aspects of research, including how to find the right research area, how to approach your potential research advisor, how to identify papers to read, how to create good research ideas, how to write and present papers, how to interact with peers, and how to write a good CV. Through a series of lectures, projects, assignments and student panels, we will cover the following:

  • Why do research?
  • How to select a research area and an advisor
  • How to generate (great) ideas
  • How to read papers
  • How to write papers
  • How to present your research
  • How to review papers
  • How to write research proposals
  • How to promote yourself and your research
  • Research ethics (human subjects, institutional review board, data management, conflicts of interests, etc.)
  • Mock Technical Program Committee meeting

This course is open to highly motivated undergraduate students and also graduate students who are in very early stage of their research career.

Grading: There will be no midterm or final exams. Your grade will be based on how you excel at a series of assignments and projects, in addition to your class participation.

Policy on Class Registration Approval: We are humbled by the interest shown by a great number of students on this course. As one of the goals of this course is to have the students experience various research activities and receive detailed feedback from the instructors, we have placed a limit on the number of students. We appreciate your understanding. We have also decided to offer this course in Spring of 2019.

For those students who feel like they must take the course this semester, please send an email as soon as possible but no later than August 30th (Thursday, first week of class) to cs492c@nmsl.kaist.ac.kr and explain in English why you have to take the course now.

Course Staff

Prof. Juho Kim (juhokim@kaist.ac.kr), N1 #605
Prof. Sung-Ju Lee (profsj@kaist.ac.kr), N1 #706
Prof. Shin Yoo (shin.yoo@kaist.ac.kr), E3-1, #2405
TA: Jeongju Sohn
Office Hours: TBD or by appointment

Staff Mailing List: cs492c@nmsl.kaist.ac.kr

Time & Location

When: 10:30-11:45am Tue/Thu
Where: N1-113
Course Website: http://kixlab.org/courses/i2r/

Sharing Experience

  • Sharing student experience from conference:
  • Updates

    • 7/6: Welcome to the intro to research class!
    • Student panel #1(9/11) survey
    • Please participate in the survey (as soon as possible): survey form
    • Presentation order (left to right):
      • 10/30: 구현진, 류혜원, 윤소영, 장우진, 정현규, 최윤서, 박민성, 유시현, 김영훈, 이정관, Maria, Clement, 박지희, 홍재민
      • 11/1: 이한길, 박예슬, 오진영, 이승주, 남해진, 조석철, 김유진, 박찬수, 이녕우, 이준석, 이채린, 이동민, 허미나, 현상원
      • Please put the link to your google slide in the google spreadsheet below
    • Papers selected by the students are uploaded on "Selected Papers" page.
    • Presentation order (11/20):
      • 현상원, 허미나, 이동민, 이채린, 이준석, 이녕우, 박찬수, 김유진, 조석철, 남해진, 이승주, 오진영, 박예슬, 이한길, 홍재민, 박지희, Clement, Maria, 이정관, 김영훈, 유시현, 박민성, 최윤서, 정현규, 장우진, 윤소영, 류혜원, 구현진
      • Please put the link to your google slide (This is an option)


    Week Date Led by Topic Due
    1 8/28 Lee Introduction & Course Overview
    1 8/30 Lee How to choose area and advisor
    2 9/4 Yoo How to find papers for your research
    2 9/6 Lee How to recognise good research and generate good idea Assignment #1 (10am)
    3 9/11 Lee Student Panel #1: how I selected my research area and advisor
    3 9/13 Yoo How to read papers: which is where?
    4 9/18 Kim How to write a good paper Assignment #2 (10am)
    4 9/20 Kim Designing human studies
    5 9/25 - No class (Chuseok)
    5 9/27 Yoo Basic statistical analysis Assignment #3 (10am)
    6 10/2 Yoo What happens to my paper: publication pipeline
    6 10/4 All Writing workshop
    7 10/9 - No class (Hangul Proclamation Day)
    7 10/11 Yoo How to review papers
    8 10/16 No class (Midterms week)
    8 10/18 No class (Midterms week)
    9 10/23 Lee How to make good presentations
    9 10/25 Kim Research ethics
    10 10/30 All Presentation Workshop #1
    10 11/1 All Presentation Workshop #2
    11 11/6 Kim How to market yourself and your research Assignment #4-1 (10am): First Review
    11 11/8 Yoo Job market/career paths
    12 11/13 All CV/resume workshop Assignment #5 (10am)
    12 11/15 Lee How to write proposals
    13 11/20 All Elevator pitch presentation workshop Assignment #4-2 (10am): Second Review
    13 11/22 Kim Life as a researcher
    14 11/27 Kim Student panel: how to survive grad school
    14 11/29 - No class (Undergrad admission interview day)
    15 12/4 All Mock TPC meeting
    15 12/6 All Mock TPC meeting
    16 12/11 - No class (Finals week)
    16 12/13 - No class (Finals week)