Reading Response

You'll READ and CRITIQUE influential research papers and articles in crowdsourcing.

Tips & Info

What do I do?

For each class, you'll read 1-2 research papers or articles about a topic, and submit your critique. We expect it to be about three paragraphs long, in plain text only. In the critique:

  • Summarize main ideas and discuss why they matter.
  • What have you learned? What did you like about the paper?
  • Any methodological / logical / technical issues? How would you improve the work?

Why do this?

No research or innovation is possible without building on previous work. At the same time, we need to critically assess them, so that we understand their scope and method correctly when trying to apply theory, methodology, and techniques to our own projects.

How do I submit?

We'll create an assignment in KLMS for each reading response. It is due 11:59pm the day before class, which would be Monday and Wednesday evening. This is to ensure that the instructor and the presenter have time to go through the submitted responses before class.

How is it going to be graded?

Each response will be graded by the course staff, in three levels:

  • Check Plus: 5
  • Check: 4
  • Check Minus: 3
In your final grade, three lowest scores will be removed. You will get a 0 if nothing is submitted for that date. These 0 scores will not be removed in your final grade.

Late Policy

No late submissions are allowed for the reading responses.