Project Gallery: Voluntary Crowdsourcing / Social Computing Applications

Students worked on a semester-long design project, in which they designed and built a crowdsourcing / social computing application that involves a VOLUNTARY OR INTRINSICALLY MOTIVATED CROWD. This poses interesting and unique design challenges in terms of task design, incentive design, and quality control.

Twelve student teams came up with creative designs, and this page gives a snippet of their design process.


Cool Video Award

WINNER: WOWO (WorkOut With Others)

Best Crowdsourcer

HONORABLE MENTION: PitchPerfect, KatchUp, Studyo

Hang On

Members: Junho Myung, Seung-gun Park, Minho Eom

Drinking online via the existing video chat system fails to give the liveness of offline parties and has difficulties in providing dynamic interactions between the group members. Here we present ‘Hang On’, an online video chat service which can handle such difficulties and can be utilized to meet users’ needs, especially to throw a party with drinks. Hang On provides online video call with virtually simulated seats and some unique features that imitate real-world interactions like toast and attention for speech.

Check out the LIVE INTERFACE. Chrome recommended. Webcam and microphone required for video conferencing.


Members: Baigutanova Aitolkyn, Farid Talibli, Sanjarbek Rakhmonov, Qilman Beytullazada

The problem we are tackling is the lack of sense of competitiveness and motivation to exercies to the COVID-19 lockdown. The solution we provide is to implement a platform which requires only little effort from the users to get involved into the competitions and provides ability to check the ranking among other users via leaderboard which play role in maintaining competitive feeling. The uniqueness of our approach is firstly manifested as the duration as any excercise has to be done for only 1 minute thus requiring less time from users and encouraging to see others' exercising, and secondly, to evoke people's interest, they can create the challenges by themselves.

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Members: Michael Tegegn, Ayan Mukanov, Dennis Donghyun Kang, Umidjon Okhunov

People affected by the social isolation are having lower motivation to work out and feel less acountable due to inability to exercise with other people. Our solution is to create a platform where people can look up each other based on their workout goals and interact. We specifically target peer accountability by pairing users with training(accountability) partners who will be responsible for each other's workout routines.

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Members: Mina Huh, Juhoon Lee, Jeongeon Park

In real-time online lectures, students who are late or lose track have difficulties understanding the content as lectures often incorporate materials exclusive to the live lecture. To help catch up on missed information unavailable in lecture materials, KatchUp supports crowd-generated timeline and context-based QnA between peers. Users can immediately identify the missed content by looking at crowd-generated flags and quickly ask questions with the help of KatchUp-generated screenshots and questions.

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Members: Adil Botabekov, Dinmukhkamed Mailibay, Taekyun Ha, Artemii Velikanov

Managing push-notifications of different importance has become increasingly difficult due to surge in online activities (both work and social) during the pandemic. Our web-based messenger app will aid thoughtful and distraction-free social interaction by helping you manage your notifications through notification modes based on your current activity. We employ extreme customizability and minimal automation, because we trust our users to know what is best for them, while also offering "best-practice" presets.

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Members: Gunwoo Kim, Jisu Kim, Youngjae Jang, Jeanne Choi

Owing to COVID 19, since it is not possible to conduct programming hackathons which provide opportunities to meet other programmers directly and grow one's programming ability for novice programmers, they have a high rate of failure due to the lack of motivation and leads to no progress on one's programming ability. For this problem, we created a platform 'Forecst' that opens online hackathons for them, which helps users to get easily motivated to keep doing their work by seeing the freely, easily shared development processes and compete with others through the ranking made at the end of the hackathon. Unlike other programmer's online communities like GitHub or StackOverflow, participants can focus on the same specific topic in a short time to develop, so they can grow and learn by asking and answering a lot of things to each other.

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Plan H

Members: Jisu Yim, Taehyung Kim, Myeongkyu Park, Jeongwoo Park

Most of the options regarding exercise became unavailable due to COVID-19. In order to provide various and engaging options, our team designed online routine sharing platform utilizing crowdsourcing and peer evaluation. We've simplified the process of writing a routine and enforced various feedback system to ensure the quality and variety of the routines.

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Members: Seongha Eom, Hung Doan, Jihyeong Hong, Nabila Sindi

We aim to solve the problem of one synchronous conversation and visibility restrictions in current online social dining. Taking inspirations from real life dining meetings, we present a video chat platform that allows you to check the members of the other tables or hear from them and move between the tables; be suggested a topic for conversation; and share a picture of your food and put the food of others in your wishlist. Our approach is unique especially because we foster inter-group communication by being able to listen to other tables and move freely, use social computing to rank and select a common topic, and use the topics monitor user activity to find out when the social interaction is lacking.

Check out the LIVE INTERFACE. Chrome preferred and desktop environment required.


Members: Seoyun Son, Chaeeun Hwang, Jaeyub Song, Junyoung Choi

COVID-19 has made KAIST student’s access to healthy food difficult as it has led to reduced store hours and it is dangerous to go outdoors too often. Our team tackled the problem by providing platform for group purchase of healthy food. Our application attempts to help food selection and encourage more group purchase by providing food-specific metrics gathered from the crowd, and provide efficient communication among people participating in the same group purchase through button-based chatroom.

Check out the LIVE INTERFACE. Device with resolution 1920x1080 px and Chrome recommended.


Members: Daeun Choi, Junseoung Choi, Seungho Kim, Juhyeong Sun

Due to COVID-19, it becomes difficult to find a way of studying with others while staying apart, which used to be done easily by creating study groups back when everyone used to meet face-to-face. Therefore, we created a platform called Studyo that allows students to share their in-class lecture notes and ask each other questions. Unlike other learning platforms, Studyo focuses on learning by sharing ideas between classmates, not by listening to the instructor.

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Members: Jungsoo Choi, Dongwook Shin, Jiwon Kang, Suhwan Sung

The problem is, the quality of the interaction in live chat tends to decrease as the number of live-streaming service participants increase, especially in the pandemic era. To solve the problem, we provide a 'like & pin system' on the live-streaming chat board. It eases viewers to read the context of the streaming and helps the streamers easily punish the trollers.

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Members: Chan Hee Lee, Sang Hyeon Lee, Sujin Han, Yewon Kim

Due to the pandemic, people with musical interests, especially amateurs who don’t have associated music groups, cannot participate in collaborative music sessions and there do not exist communication tools fit for remote music collaboration. To solve this problem, we propose PitchPerfect, a platform where amatuer musicians can easily find suitable collaborators and form groups to create music together remotely. Unique features of PitchPerfect include (1) personal profile page designed so that other musicians can get a sense of what kind of musician that person is in one glimpse, and (2) communication tools designed specifically for musical collaboration, such as (2-a) shared annotatable sheet music, (2-b) commenting threads that can be pinned on the shared sheet music, and (2-c) music term dictionary.

Check out the LIVE INTERFACE. Chrome preferred and desktop environment required.

Stay Safe

Members: Byung Hyun Kim, Woohyun Sung, Geonho Moon, Kalomidin Klichev

People feel danger to visit public spaces due to possibility of infection, but still needs to visit some public spaces for important purposes. Therefore, we create a safety reviewing system for public spaces to acknowledge users of its safety. Safety of public spaces are crowdsourced by reviews, and reviews themselves are quality controlled by other users.

Check out the LIVE INTERFACE. Download and install the APK file.


Members: KyungGeun Roh, Mingyu Yang, Seungho Choi, Wooil Ahn

Students who are living in the KAIST dormitory or near KAIST currently have difficulty ordering delivery food, due to the lack of friends to order food together resulting in increased delivery cost and leftovers during COVID-19 pandemic. Our solution is gathering people who order delivery food together on a web application. With chatting features that can help people feel like eating delivery food together, users can gather people by restaurants they prefer to eat from a limited target which is students who live near KAIST.

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Mall and More

Members: Donghyeok Ma, Wooseok Kim, Chani Jung, Youkyum Kim

People refrain from offline shopping due to the spread of COVID-19, but existing online malls only support social interactions for efficient shopping and do not provide social interactions for social fun, which people enjoy during offline shopping. So, we present Mall and More, a new social interactive online shopping mall where people can feel like 'being there' and also shop together in real-time and non-real-time with their friends. We designed and implemented 1) visualizing other users' behaviors for the presence, 2) following friends' screens for real-time shopping together, and 3) creating space-based comments for non-real-time communication.

Check out the LIVE INTERFACE. Chrome recommended.

WOWO (WorkOut With Others)

Members: Yunha Park, Hyojin Sim, Euicheon Lee, Yoonseo Kim

Under the pandemic situation, people are suffering from mental and physical health problems which increases the importance of exercise, while it is hard to get motivated and have assurance about own workout method when there is a lack of off-line interaction. Therefore, our solution 'WOWO' tries to help people communicate freely about workout and share their own experiences and knowledge. This is realized through features called 'Crew' and 'Hunsu Board', which is special in that it supports both in-group communication and overall communication, and comprehensively provides the functions that the workout-lovers need.

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Members: Jungwon Lee, Zeewung Shin, SeoYoon Lee, Hyunwoo Park

Children lack the sense of "being connected" with peers in pandemic era, which is a detrimental problem for children, since they need interaction to form their identities and roles within their social groups. Therefore, our goal is to provide "co-authoring role play website", in which these children can work together to publish a novel of their favorite dramas or cartoons by each playing one of the characters. Unlike other chatting platforms, children have to work together to publish high-quality and well-transitioned novel, and through this interaction they will learn the value of cooperation and harmony within the group.

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