Oisin Daly Kiær, Paul Grau, Yoo Jin Lim

Final Project: Tasks, Sketches, and Video

Learnersourcing Vocabulary Flashcards

Task 1

Miss Song is a new high school English teacher, keen on building a great relationship with her teenage students as well as a portfolio of high-quality teaching material. She has recently noticed her students’ particular aversion to vocabulary studying, confirmed by their low test scores. Thus, she wants to try making her vocabulary lessons more interesting and fun for her students. The only problem is that she simply does not have the sense of humor in her to come up with better contents. She has one colleague who is very popular with kids for his personality, but it is not practical to consult him for help and feedback every time.

Design goals

Task 2

Mwenye, 1.5th generation immigrant, needs to improve his vocabulary to impress his peers and the school system. He has taken the SAT twice, but his critical reading scores do not seem to be improving compared to those of his peers. Determined to overcome this gap, he gets hold of a list of 5000 vocabulary words to study but feels overwhelmed by the sheer size. He tries to work through the list by making his own paper flashcards, but without any feedback, he is not sure if his flashcards are optimized for learning. He has even tried several mobile flashcard apps such as Memrise but it is not flexible enough to meet his needs.

Design goals

Task 3

Seongmin, a high school student, enjoys enriching his vocabulary and talking to other people. He’s currently studying vocabulary on his own to prepare for the SAT, but he would much rather do it together with others. However, it’s hard for him to find like-minded people in his peer group. It would be much more fun to learn by talking to other learners of a similar level. So he is looking for a new system to enable him to communicate to others using his vocabulary and also learning new words.

Design goals

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