Project Gallery: Voluntary Crowdsourcing / Social Computing Applications

Students worked on a semester-long design project, in which they designed and built a crowdsourcing / social computing application that involves a VOLUNTARY OR INTRINSICALLY MOTIVATED CROWD. This poses interesting and unique design challenges in terms of task design, incentive design, and quality control.

Ten student teams came up with creative designs, and this page gives a snippet of their design process.


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Social Lives: ABANG
Entertainment: ClefClub
Productivity & Collaboration: Slifour

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WINNER: Slifour

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Madness Pitches

Check out ten student teams' 2-min pitches of semester-long design projects.


Members: Inhwa Song, Jeonga Lee, Shinung An, Nicole Lee

While maintaining close relationships is the most important work we do in our lives and keeping the bond with friends make a big portion in that, maintaining the bond with old friends gets harder as we grow older. Our solution is to provide an effective system that supports giving shape to “memories” - which is an abstract concept - by saving and sharing them, and also to lower the burden and complexity of deciding what to do by providing an effective voting system that can easily capture bucket list items. Our system is unique in the way that it focuses on "getting inspiration from shared bucket lists" rather than "the action of sharing" itself, and in the process of effective decision, we allow each member of the group to express their preferences freely.

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Members: Chigon Ryu, Dain Kim, Subin Kim, Huikyeong An

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, sports fans cannot go to the stadium so they feel less excited and can’t enjoy such a passionate atmosphere of the stadium. Through Cheers, they can enjoy the sports game with people and feel like they are in the stadium by sending cheering messages, doing mini-game like Surfing the waves and watching it with other people. These kinds of services usually offers only chatting but our service offers archiving hot viewpoints according to users’ cheering and various interactions such as moving user’s avatar, chatting(emoticon) with others, and playing mini-games motivated by “Surfing the waves(파도타기).”

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Members: Assem Zhunis, Tung Duong Mai, Bich Ngoc Doan, Nguyen Minh Hieu

Jamming music together during pandemics is challenging due to the (1) physical restrictions, (2) difficulty in finding online collaborators as well as (3) lack of organization for quality control. Our team addresses these problems head-on by providing an accessible mobile platform that facilitates the process of finding online partners, organizing collaborations, and allowing new musical interactions between people. Unlike existing platforms, we aim for a system with interactive crowd-based quality control, ultimately encouraging and empowering people to collaborate and make music together.

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Members: Chulhwan Kim, Gyeongyeon Kim, JeongYoon Shin, Junyeong Park

Lost pets were difficult to find because unless we actually found the lost pet, we could not help the pet owner. Here we present "FindMe", a crowdsourcing platform that allows us to help find the lost pets not only when we found a lost pet, but even if we are not in front of the pet. FindMe is unique for collecting users' reports simply and effectively on the map.

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Members: Bauyrzhan Tokenov, Bekzat Tilekbay, Nurlykhan Kopenov, Diyar Tulenov

Novice musicians struggle to produce a quality music project and decide on concrete steps to execute because there are too many approaches to making music. So we're presenting a platform where they could collaboratively explore various paths to making music by collectively improving one another's work and exchanging different perspectives in the process. Instead of making music production a process that originates from a single source, and thus lacking a variety of perspectives in its advancement, we propose to make it modular and open to diversified views.

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Members: Yohan Yun, Wang Zhaoyan, Jinhyen Kim, Seungju Ham

Most of the currently existing music streaming services fail to capture the unique charms of live collaborative musical performances due to the lack of social interactivity between the performers and the audience. Our social platform application rePUBlic aims to solve this problem by allowing the performers to create and host their own virtual concert where they can freely interact with the audience in real-time. In particular, rePUBlic allows audience members to freely move around the concert area and perform commands that replicate real-life actions (such as waving a glowstick or clapping to the beat) to reproduce the intimate and lively atmosphere of live performances.

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Members: Eunki Joung, Haeseul Cha, Hyeon Pyo, Jeonghoon Han

People's motivation and interest in studying are declining as the social distancing by COVID-19 gets worse. To solve this, we help users to regain their motivation by making them feel the sense of reality in the virtual space, share all progress of studying(setting attendance, start and progress studying, taking rest) with group members, and construct the common goal of the group. Our method is distinctive in the sense that we emphasize the social interaction in the unit of group(chatting with the post-it, making the own group goal, assigning the group area) and support not only just the studying part but the overall progress of the studying experience by space separation.

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Members: Yoonjeong Park, Fathony Achmad, Zihan Lin, Dang Minh Hoang

Many people listen to music alone during the pandemic, but we strongly believe that interacting with other music lovers could properly enrich their music experience. We created a platform that only focuses on music, which provides a variety of ways to help users express their feelings and understand others. SongSurge is divided into two independent parts (share & search) so that both users with different purposes can immerse themselves in the emotional resonance with others.

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TnT (TMI and Talk)

Members: Seungho Baek, Yumi Lee, Jiseung Ryu, Taewoo Kim

Due to the pandemic, accidental encounters have decreased, making it difficult to share small daily lives, and people are concerned about sharing trivial things on SNS often, so it is difficult to find a topic of conversation with friends online. Sharing consumption anonymously, which accounts for the largest proportion of daily lives and making social interactions more active by revealing the writer when others touched the "like" button or chatted. We used consumption as the main shared content which is easy to reflect, record daily life, and express their feelings naturally.

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Members: Seonghye Cho, Cheryl Siy, Yeon Su Park, Auejin Ham

Many KAIST students are having difficulties finding credible and suitable team members for group projects since the remote environment under pandemic does not give students communal places to get to know each other. To solve this problem, team TUG created a real-time web platform that creates a virtual space where students can discover new people, interact through an anonymized chat system and form the best possible team without feeling any social pressure. Our system is unique in the sense that it 1) deploys a fun quiz session to discover most suitable teammates through a premade algorithm, 2) provides a chatting session where people can interact freely with the help of a moderation chatbot, and 3) provides information of each candidates through our distinctive credit system that is used to acknowledge their overall participation on previous group projects.

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