Mini Project

Studio: 4/7 (Tue) 7-8pm, slides by 5pm
Individual Reflection: 11:59pm on 4/9 (Thu)
10% toward your total grade

What do we do?

Hope the past two weeks have been an enjoyable experience, rapidly going through a design process. Finally, it's time to share your design process and what you learned from it, in a studio session. We will announce how you can join your Zoom studio session.

Your Report

You need to (1) present in a studio session with your slides, which you already have, and (2) submit an individual reflection.
  • Slides: You just need to use the team slides you already have. No separate slides are needed or accepted for your presentation. Feel free to add/edit parts that you want to emphasize in your design process.
  • Individual reflection: Answer questions in the individual reflection form individually. Please do not discuss with your teammates about what you write. Please be concise: any response should not exceed 500 words.


  • Slides (70%)
    • Needfinding (15%)
      • Observation summary: Organized around recurring themes? Are they meaningful themes?
      • User classes: Multiple classes identified? Characteristics and motivations of each class clearly described?
      • User goals: Subtasks and goals are clearly described? Problem-driven not solution-driven?
      • User needs: Problem-driven not solution-driven?
    • Ideation (15%)
      • POV: Contains user, need, and inspiration? Non-trivial and unique?
      • HMW: 10+ HMWs submitted? Scope not too broad or narrow? Distinct, broad, and creative? Problem-driven not solution-driven?
      • Solution Ideas: 10+ solution ideas submitted for each HMW? Distinct, broad, and creative?
    • Prototyping (20%)
      • Tasks: Three? Are the tasks distinct from each other? Are the tasks described concretely and clearly? User-level description not functionality description? Cover important parts of the scenario?
      • Prototype: Novel and creative interface idea? Does it cover all the tasks? Effective use of prototyping techniques? Representative screenshots are enclosed? Prototyping tool and design choices are described?
    • Usability Testing (20%)
      • Plan-Participants: At least three? Close to the target user group? Participant description is informative and relevant?
      • Plan-Briefing: Good summary of the purpose? Good summary of the background? Not too long or short?
      • Observations: 10+ submitted? Are the usability issues described concretely and clearly? Organized by high-level task or theme? Level of criticality included?
  • Studio Presentation (10%)
    • Preparation and organization?
    • Articulation and clear delivery?
    • Effective use of visual aids?
    • Time management?
  • Individual Reflections (20%) -- graded individually
    • Peer and Self reflection has enough depth?
    • Individual contribution clearly specified?
    • Improvement discussion has enough depth and insight?
    • Design process discussion has enough depth and insight?
    • Teamwork discussion includes both the good and the bad?
    • Teamwork discussion has enough depth and insight?
    • 500 or fewer words?


  • Studio Presentation: In the studio, your team will present for 7 minutes, with 5 minutes for Q&A and feedback. We'll enforce a strict 7-minute time limit by cutting off the presentation. Please plan and rehearse. You need to prepare a Google Slides presentation, and have one member of your team share the screen during your team's presentation. Note that every team member needs to participate in the presentation. Write down the questions and feedback you receive during your presentation, and reflect on them in your individual reflection.

  • Individual reflection: Submit individually by filling out the form.