Design Project 0: Team Formation

Due: 11:59pm on 4/14 (Tue)

What will we do in a team?

Your team will go through a semester-long design process together, which will involve finding & identifying target users' needs, prototyping & implementing ideas, and testing & iterating on solutions. You will build a web-based graphical user interface, which means no native apps, no physical interfaces, no sensors, and no robots.

How do we find a topic?

You don't have to commit to one idea yet. Remember that the whole purpose of the design process is to make sure you carefully understand the user's needs before jumping to a solution. In this phase, your team needs to answer the following questions: (1) Who's your tentative target user population? and (2) What experience do you want to redesign for the target user population? (e.g., "redesign how a user gives gifts to their family", "redesign how a KAIST visitor takes a school tour", and "redesign how a blind user watches video").

Please shoot for a stretch idea, by aiming to support a target user population that is far from you. A course planning app for undergrads is a bad idea. But also keep in mind you have access to the target user population, since you'll need to actually observe and talk to them throughout the design process. Please talk to course staff if you want to run by your ideas.

Note about COVID-19: Due to the current COVID-19 outbreak, it may be difficult to physically interact closely with people through your design process. You may use remote technology to reduce physical contact (e.g., video chat, text messaging) with your target users. Please keep this practical constraint in mind as you formulate your idea.

How do I find teammates?

Use Campuswire to post advertisements for finding teams and teammates. You may continue to work with teammates from the Mini Project.

What should my team look like?

Each team should have four students. If you strongly believe three-person teams are good for you, talk to course staff. But please note that we'll apply the same grading standards to all teams, regardless of team size. Also, there's always a chance your team member(s) might unexpectedly drop the class. The more diverse the members are (e.g., major, year, gender, nationality, interest, skillset), the better. You become more creative, learn more, and ultimately perform better when you work with people who are not like you.

Please note that each of you should contribute to designing and implementing the frontend. This means that you cannot have two people just work on the server-side. Indeed, we'll enforce a limitation on how much backend your interface can have. More on that later.

Okay, we have a team now. How do we submit?

Each team needs to submit the team signup form. Note that your team just needs to submit once; no need for everyone to submit the form separately.